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Technical Factors to Check When Buying an Automatic Transfer Switch

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When you are running a certain type of facility, it is important to keep power interruption to a minimum or it can affect your entire operations in a big way. Now, one solution that you should have is an automatic transfer switch (ATS). Using an automatic mechanism, this electrical component transfers load from utility power to a back-up power source during brownouts or other events causing power to go out. Now, considering the importance of this switch, you should make sure that the one you install in your facility is reliable, safe, capable, and suitable for your specific requirements. With that in mind, here are the technical factors that you should look into when you buy automatic transfer switch Australia has:

  • Type

Generally, automatic transfer switches come in three types. These include the load centre, which combines the ATS and sub-panel in one circuit and is ideal for smaller loads; the service disconnect, which is the priciest of all ATS models and is used for larger generators; and the old standard model, which has the ATS installed along with the sub-panel. Based on their applications, you can choose one that will perfectly suit your needs. Of course, you should also consider quality. While it is fine to go cheap buy automatic transfer switch Australia has that ensures safety and efficiency when transferring power loads. Click here Power Quality Consultants

  • Function

These switches are designed for different functions. Basically, these functions are determined by how long the power stays down before a switch can bring it back again. If you are running a facility offering critical services, like a hospital, then it is best to choose one that does not have any power interruption. After all, the lives of some of your patients could depend on the machines you are using. If you are running a business, on the other hand, then a short interruption is tolerable.

  • Load

Typically, an ATS can come with restrictive loads, total system loads, or lamp loads. To know which switch is required for your facility, check your generator. Usually, it is marked with the load type it can handle.

  • Current Rating

When selecting an ATS, make sure it can supply maximum and continuous current for at least three hours. Current ratings usually range from 30 to 400 amps, but to ensure you have the right switch, its rating should match that of your main breaker.

  • Voltage Rating

These switches are generally designed to connect to two power sources that are not synchronized, as they have to provide insulation to deal with increased voltage. Typically, their voltage ratings are 120, 208, 240, 480, and 600 volts on single or polyphase alternating current (AC) power systems, with standard frequencies of 50 or 60 hertz. However, an ATS can also be used for other voltages and frequencies, including direct current (DC), if necessary.

By knowing your specific requirements and looking into the above-mentioned technical factors, you will be able to buy automatic transfer switch in Australia that will effectively work for your situation. You can ensure that your facility will operate with minimal to no interruption, minimising losses. Now, to view a collection of quality load transfer switches, you can visit

Things an App Maker Must Consider While Developing an App

Things an App Maker Must Consider While Developing an App

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For an app maker, the news on dated 20th October, 2016 is somewhat interesting. This is because previously, when developing apps for both Android and iOS you had to develop it twice, meaning write the code for each app twice. Now, with the help of Xamarin, an app development platform, you can complete developing an app for both android and iOS simultaneously!

Hence, it is good news for the app developers Australia wide and even the rest of the world. But have you ever thought that apart from a good platform for developing the app what else is necessary that will make the app user-friendly and useful one?

Focus on Content

Just like anything else, content is your king and all you need is to focus on the content. Its true that the customers are everything even for your mobile app, but if your content is not relevant and interesting, they will not hesitate to use the delete button! Your app should be designed strategically so that it guides them for what they are looking.

Ways of Getting Your App

When you make an app it is obvious that you must have designed it for people to use it. Now the question is how will people land on your app? Are they getting downloading links from their friend’s emails or you have QR codes at the cash register?

You need to plan how to reach people so that they download your app, otherwise all the hard work will go for a waste.

Navigation Must be Easy

As an app maker your main aim should be to keep your app users glued to the app. For this the navigation is most important. If they do not understand how to book a ticket or gather some information from your app, they will try other apps. Thus, utilize the space of your home page and make the navigation simple and easy. Check M5859 Apps for more details.

Choose Right Fonts and Colors

Whether you have a pro mobile app or an amateur one, it is necessary that the look and feel of the app are professional. Make sure that the mobile app color scheme goes well with the color scheme of the Logo. Moreover, you must also be careful about the fonts of the mobile apps. You won’t get very versatile font options in case of mobile apps as you get in case of websites, but they will be flexible. Thus, use them properly to make the look attractive.

Use of Call to Action

What is the main purpose of using a mobile app? Obviously, to increase your customer base so that you have new customers. Thus, there should be enough call to action in your app so that the users can get attracted to them and react. A mobile app without conversions is as useless as a home without the roof.

To Conclude

Finally, it can be said that a mobile app is the most convenient way to reach your customers. Hence, you must not leave any chances of marketing through it. An app maker must also ensure that it is attractive and simple that will make people use it again and again without deleting it. Thus, the platform where the development is done is important, but other things are important too.

Tips to land a good website design service provider

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It is no doubt that websites are one of the greatest tools for business today. There are so many companies that offer services of bespoke website design Leicester wide, along with wordpress designs among others. It is, therefore, important that a person takes time to select the best web design service provider available in Leicester. Here are a few tips for selecting one:

Bespoke website design Leicester
Bespoke website design Leicester

Experience and establishment

The Leicester web design agency should be the one that has experience in dealing with what you are looking for. This can be determined by:

1.     the number of years they have been in business, which indicates stability, competence and success in providing services.

2.     the number and type of clients which are an indication that they are familiar with a spectrum of design projects.

3.     By checking their web design portfolio.

While an experienced company is expensive, it is worth it because what you get is authentic, unlike startup companies that may design something that will need a lot of repairs thereby escalating the cost in the long-term.


Website costs differ depending on the kind of service you want. For example, bespoke website design Leicester services tend to be a tad costly in comparison to a Wordpress website design. In the website business you also get what you pay for such that if you spend more you will get a quality website. It’s also good to note that costs vary from company to company. You can do research to find one that meets your needs while at the same time an affordable one.


Ensure that the website you get designed for your business will allow you to make updates and edit content anytime. This usually is made possible by content management software (CMS). Make sure the web company uses this software. Also make sure you can easily operate the web design and also have access to the support materials required. Check Leicester Website Design for more details.


Choose a company that offers an ongoing, reliable, generous and cost effective support. This is because there are a lot of technicalities that come with a website. Hence, having professional assistance nearby would be of great help to you. Therefore, the ongoing support should be a part of the business practice of the web design company you pick.

View their portfolio

It’s important that before you employ services of a company, you first get to see the samples of their past work. This will offer a good reference point for what you should expect. If it’s a bespoke website design Leicester service you want, don’t just look at the quality, but also the functionality of the website. A large amount of work is an indication that the service they provide is quality.

We cannot ignore the benefits that websites have brought to businesses all across the world. It’s therefore important that a business owner takes time to find good web design services in Leicester. Some of the things to consider while at it are the experience of the company, cost, ease to operate, support services and viewing their portfolio.

Steps You Can’t Overlook When Developing a Functional Website

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Having a website to market the business is something everyone is looking forward to doing. However, creating a website isn’t everything. You need to find out if the website is creating the intended impression. The design’s quality of any website will determine whether the website will create the anticipated presence. You need to pay much attention to the visuals and layout of the website you create since they determine how frequently the site would be visited. There are several steps involved when developing a website and they require the skills and expertise of competent Web Developers Brisbane has to offer. These steps include:

Assess the project scope

You can’t proceed with the web development process if you don’t understand the scope of the project you have undertaken. If you know the project scope, the process of creating the right and effective website would end in good time and within the set budget. Look for the best charts to help you delineate the project scope to ensure the visual reference of the project matches the scope. According to some of the web developers Brisbane has today, assessing the project scope ensures the web design team members are accountable to what they do.

Website design

You can’t create that which you haven’t designed. So designing the website is a critical stage when developing a website. The web designers don’t just design a website before they have looked into some aspects such as the website features, layout, color and theme among others. The designers ensure the layout is appealing and elegant, the theme reflects the portfolio of the company’s product and that the color makes the brand identity stronger. With this in mind, content marketing would be a smooth thing to do.

Website development

Remember you don’t just want to have a website but a functional website. A website is made functional at the development stage. During this stage, the web development team uses each element of the website to make the website functional. Here, the experts develop a home page and other interior pages. They also create a “shell”, which usually contains site layout and navigational structure. At this point, you may or not distribute the content throughout the site. At this stage, web design experts know the content marketing can’t be effective without a content management system, payment gateways, and interactive contact forms. Check Digital8 for more details.

Testing and deployment of the created website

The testing and deployment process is actually the last stage in the web development process. It’s the stage when the website designer tests how functional the website would be and adds some final touches. Here, the web developers Brisbane has to offer ensure the website has a proper display on different platforms and devices. They also test the forums and scripts of the website and verify internal links.

All in all, it’s important for anyone to know that developing a website demands a lot of efforts and time. Remember you are creating a website you will use to compete with other people with similar websites. So you must ensure your website stands out to survive the competition heat. Nonetheless, the rewards of a well-developed website usually supersede the time, cost and effort you incurred during the development process. Look for experts from a content marketing company such as digital8 Content Marketing to manage the process.