Factors to consider in the purchase of plastic door curtains

The levels of industry using chemicals as well as the high number of vehicles on the roads are some of the things responsible for the kind of unhealthy environment we are living in right now. This is according to environmental reports. Therefore, it’s necessary that we try and protect the environment and ourselves from environmental pollutants. A plastic door curtain is a solution for handling pollutant levels in the work place. They help create a dust free environment and keep potential pollutants away from the workplace. It’s for these reasons that they are gaining popularity in the market. Before you make a purchase though, consider the following.


plastic door curtain


Deal with an authorized seller

The importance of buying goods from authorized sellers cannot be emphasized more. This is because authorized sellers work directly with manufacturers and therefore, the goods that you will get from them are genuine and licensed. Your plastic door curtain in NSW supplier, therefore, should be an authorized one. So a supplier who offers assistance with advice on the product that he is selling is recommended.


One of the best ways you can maintain your plastic door curtains is by ensuring they are in a state of constant clean. This is because these curtains are in constant activity like keeping pollutants, dust and fumes out of the workplace, hence prone to get dirty. Therefore, clean them regularly as this will go a long way in prolonging the life of your curtains. Also when they are clean, you can easily spot problems with them such as scratches.

Choose the right curtain

Choosing the right plastic door curtains is of absolute importance when it comes to performing tasks. Anti-static strips, for example, are great for a data center as they help in minimizing the risk of static charge. When it comes to storage facilities, it’s advisable you go with polar grade curtains as these can withstand temperatures up to negative 40 degrees. Use double ribbed curtains in areas that have high human traffic.

Other factors to consider

Keep in mind the cost-effectiveness of plastic door curtains in relation to increase or decrease of health and safety issues such as impact from forklift truck or even damage that may result from external weather conditions. Truck impact on doors, for example, would need double ribbed vehicle access door curtains as these can withstand constant flow of vehicles. Protective posts could be an additional protection measure. Put them around the area. Also ensure the size of your NSW plastic door curtain is a good fit as large curtains can often give users a hard time entering and exiting.

Plastic door curtains are beneficial tools that carry with them immense benefits, whether you are running a warehouse, a spray booth or even a digital company. Before you buy plastic door curtain in NSW, however, it’s necessary that consumers take their time to find authorized suppliers, and the right curtains for their specific tasks. Also make sure your curtains are properly maintained to ensure they last longer. Also consider the size.