Should You Invest in Commercial Solar Energy Systems for Your SME?

Solar energy systems have been trending as an alternative to non-renewable energy sources for quite some time. This year in Australia, it was a huge trend in businesses. In fact, many regional companies have already used solar energy systems to cut their energy costs. Despite this progress, still, some business owners and even policy-makers can’t help but feel skeptical with a commercial solar energy system Darwin stores sell, for instance.

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Is a commercial solar energy system a worthy investment for businesses? If you’re a Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) owner, you might find it useful to know what’s going on in the solar industry:

Are Things Starting to Dim?

Solar technology is effective but underappreciated. Setting aside financial strains and other factors outside of businesses’ control, some SME owners and even policy-makers often fail to realize the benefits of solar technology because of misinformation.

Furthermore, a new policy by Coalition Government (COAG) caused a commotion between the Coalition parties, the Energy Security Board, and the solar industry. In the new policy, the National Energy Guarantee, it was stated that there will be no space for macro-scale solar projects in the following ten years, starting from 2020 and ending in 2030.

As a response to this fallback, an industry report by Solar Businesses Australia strongly stressed that the solar industry is a huge and critical contributor to the national economy. The solar industry is an SME industry, which means it’s a crucial growth factor that’s been boosting the domestic and commercial industries for years now.

Downgrading the Renewable Energy Target (RET) through the delay or elimination of major solar projects will affect and reduce a 40-50% demand from thousands of SMEs. Albeit RET will still be considered, renewable energy needs to sustained by the labour and corporate sector.

If you belong to the SME industry, you can already join in sustaining the renewable energy industry by starting small. You can help by considering an effective and cheap commercial solar energy system Darwin shops sell.

Perks of Investing in a Solar Energy System

Although you can buy a Darwin commercial solar energy system at much cheaper factory-based prices in some stores, you must buy from a manufacturer-authorised reseller.

Here are some of the many following benefits you’ll get from investing in a commercial solar energy system in Darwin:

  • Reduces pollution. A carbon footprint is produced by most appliances, but a commercial solar energy system Darwin stores sell today minimizes COemissions by at least a half compared with other energy systems.
  • Offers great Return on Investment. Alternative sources of energy like solar power is incentivized by the Australian government. Moreover, if your building exceeds environmental-based criteria in construction, energy-use, and management, your company and brand name will gain more authority. It will also enable you to receive more long-term financial solutions without delay.
  • Cuts back electricity bills. Cutting energy bills is common among energy-saving commercial machines. However, a commercial solar energy system Darwin takes an extra mile in conserving energy by saving at least half of your average electricity bill. And considering how most areas in Australia receive a lot of sunshine, you can probably cut costs up to 90%.
  • Saves non-renewable energy. Using only sunshine as energy implies that you’re also contributing in preserving non-renewable energy, such as fossil fuels and natural gases.