Technical Factors to Check When Buying an Automatic Transfer Switch

When you are running a certain type of facility, it is important to keep power interruption to a minimum or it can affect your entire operations in a big way. Now, one solution that you should have is an automatic transfer switch (ATS). Using an automatic mechanism, this electrical component transfers load from utility power to a back-up power source during brownouts or other events causing power to go out. Now, considering the importance of this switch, you should make sure that the one you install in your facility is reliable, safe, capable, and suitable for your specific requirements. With that in mind, here are the technical factors that you should look into when you buy automatic transfer switch Australia has:

  • Type

Generally, automatic transfer switches come in three types. These include the load centre, which combines the ATS and sub-panel in one circuit and is ideal for smaller loads; the service disconnect, which is the priciest of all ATS models and is used for larger generators; and the old standard model, which has the ATS installed along with the sub-panel. Based on their applications, you can choose one that will perfectly suit your needs. Of course, you should also consider quality. While it is fine to go cheap buy automatic transfer switch Australia has that ensures safety and efficiency when transferring power loads. Click here Power Quality Consultants

  • Function

These switches are designed for different functions. Basically, these functions are determined by how long the power stays down before a switch can bring it back again. If you are running a facility offering critical services, like a hospital, then it is best to choose one that does not have any power interruption. After all, the lives of some of your patients could depend on the machines you are using. If you are running a business, on the other hand, then a short interruption is tolerable.

  • Load

Typically, an ATS can come with restrictive loads, total system loads, or lamp loads. To know which switch is required for your facility, check your generator. Usually, it is marked with the load type it can handle.

  • Current Rating

When selecting an ATS, make sure it can supply maximum and continuous current for at least three hours. Current ratings usually range from 30 to 400 amps, but to ensure you have the right switch, its rating should match that of your main breaker.

  • Voltage Rating

These switches are generally designed to connect to two power sources that are not synchronized, as they have to provide insulation to deal with increased voltage. Typically, their voltage ratings are 120, 208, 240, 480, and 600 volts on single or polyphase alternating current (AC) power systems, with standard frequencies of 50 or 60 hertz. However, an ATS can also be used for other voltages and frequencies, including direct current (DC), if necessary.

By knowing your specific requirements and looking into the above-mentioned technical factors, you will be able to buy automatic transfer switch in Australia that will effectively work for your situation. You can ensure that your facility will operate with minimal to no interruption, minimising losses. Now, to view a collection of quality load transfer switches, you can visit